This year we have created a sustainability strategy for our school fairs.  Starting with the 2018 fair this will develop further with each future fair.  As part of the strategy the 2018 fair committee includes a dedicated environmental role supported by a dedicated teaching staff liaison.  Many hours have been spent reviewing various aspects of the fair for opportunities to make sustainability improvements. 

The outcome of this is a plan of new initiatives for the 2018 fair and future fairs.  This is will be an on-going journey on which we hope to improve every year.  Key improvement areas chosen to be targeted in 2018 can be viewed in the detailed plan below.  With each coming year you can expect to see more changes as we continue the transition.  In this inaugural year we have made the decision to use up any existing less sustainable supplies and supplement these with better options which we will move to use exclusively in future fairs.

This change will not only be better for our environment but will support our school philosophy and tie in with our students learning.

We hope you will support us with this worthy goal!


Environmental Objectives School Fair 2018