Carnival Fun 

We have six new stalls for children to enjoy this year.  They are low-cost participation, meaning kids can have many more turns for less money, more fun at the fair! In the past we’ve brought in external companies (such as zorbs and petting farms) but these tend to be expensive for the kids to enjoy and result in very little profit for the school. Our thanks to the helpful DIY fathers of the community who gave up their Sundays in term 2 to create these stalls for us.

Second Hand Goods - a new approach

  1. We’ve read through the feedback parents have given us and reviewed the 2ndhand goods sorting and selling operation, also taking into account that OSCAR is now based in hall so we need to minimise the time we occupy this space.
  2. We are reducing the hours we are open for drop-offs.  This means less impact on those classes helping with these stalls and also allows us to refuse goods if not up to a decent standard (we want sellable items, this is now common practice at charity shops)

New Drop-off Hours
9-10am and 7-8pm for one week only prior to the fair.  We are limiting the drop-off times to two one-hour slots per day to ensure safety around school, for security reasons and to provide more flexibility to those people donating
New Sorting Hours
9-11am and 7-9pm each day for one week prior to the fair.  More classes have been allocated to sorting goods to broaden the burden which has traditionally fallen on less classes. This is detailed on the list at the end of this document.  Stalls that are deemed “heavy work” will not be asked to give time to sorting 2ndhand goods as they have much more to organise on their own stall.